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CTMAX Survives Worst Blackout in Decades

As a member of the northern Connecticut business community Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons, llc suffered the worst blackout in decades following the Halloween snow storm. We have returned and now enjoy a restoration of all business services. We hope that all of our readers are healthy and safe. If not already we wish you a rapid restoration of power and resumption of your normal daily activities.

CTMAX Releases Its Sequel on “Wisdom Teeth” in the Latest Summer Quarterly Newsletter

The late Summer issue of the “CTMAX Quarterly” has just been released. As promised, in this issue we have followed-up with a sequel to the treatment of “wisdom teeth.” In this issue we focus on what changes have been made in the process of wisdom tooth surgery that make this an altogether more tolerable experience for the young adult patient.
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CTMAX Issues Spring Quarterly Newsletter on “Wisdom Teeth”

The “CTMAX Quarterly” has just been released. As we enter the summer months many young people have received a recommendation from their dentist or orthodontist to have their “wisdom teeth” or third molars removed. Our Spring edition is the first in a two part series on what everyone should know about “wisdom teeth”.
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CTMAX Attends CTMOM (Connecticut Mission of Mercy)

CTMAX attended the CTMOM (Connecticut Mission of Mercy) on Saturday with a formidable team of five doctors and four assistants. This is the third year since the initiation of this state wide charitable activity and Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons is proud to say they have been an integral part of each and every year.
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CTMAX Doctors Listed in Hartford Magazine’s List of “Top Dentists”

CTMAX partners were again sited in the November issue of Hartford Magazine’s 2010 list of “Top Dentists”. The doctors of CTMAX have yet to be missed in this honorary listing since the selection process began many years ago.
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CTMAX Launches a New Web Presence

Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons, llc announces the reconstruction of their web presence with the launch of a new public web site.
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Doctors Undergo ACLS Re-Certification

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