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virtual_staffVirtual Specialists at CTMAX
Did you know that in addition to the great doctors and people at all the CTMAX locations, we have virtual specialists that you may never meet?

For example, when we use our 3D Cone Beam i-CAT system (one of only three in Connecticut), your images are downloaded directly from our system to one of our virtual specialists, a board certified maxillofacial radiologist, in Atlanta. We then receive complete reports within 24 hours.

Our Partners
There are actually a number of ‘partners’ that assist us in serving you. Here are a few of our ‘virtual’ partners.

Fast, Efficient, Accurate

isi_logo Beginning with Imaging Sciences International, the leading manufacturer of Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging systems (i-CAT), we are able to create 3D digital images of your specific jaw anatomy.

Imaging Sciences We then SECURELY transmit the digital data to the state-of-the-art digital labs at 360 Imaging for review (by certified radiologists) and processing.

Materialise Dental The processed images are transmitted back to us and fed into our ‘SimPlant’ software by Materialise. This fully integrated dental implant treatment planning tool allows CTMAX to visualize your jaw anatomy with unparalleled precision – in 3D.

Nobel Biocare Once CTMAX has modeled and planned your treatment, the digital information may be sent off to Nobel Biocare, the world leader in innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solutions, including dental implants, all-ceramic crowns, bridges and laminates, guided surgery planning, scanners and biomaterials.

Allergan Following reviewing long-term studies of the materials and pharmaceuticals involved in aesthetic facial enhancement, the surgeons at CTMAX have now invested numerous hours in continuing education and hands-on training preparing to provide our patients with the best in this methodology of treatment. Allergan is one of the largest suppliers of products such as Botox, Juvederm, Latisse.

CynoSure Cynosure is the largest aesthetic laser manufacturer in the world, one of which is the amazing picosure, picosecond, aesthetic laser. As early adopters, we’re pleased to be using it to painlessly remove blemishes, age spots and even tattoos for our patients.

CryoTec CryoTec offers a variety of chillers in order to help cool down the skin while a patient is undergoing a laser procedure. As this can be advantageous in comparison to ice packs, cryogen spray, and other cooling methods, we offer it in conjunction with our Cynosure laser to virtually eliminate any discomfort.

In short, CTMAX is able to treat you with… if you’ll pardon the pun,  jaw-dropping speed, accuracy and precision.

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