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What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine (also called TeleMed & TeleHealth) allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers. A televisit is an appointment using these technologies.

How do the CTMAX TELEMAX televisits work?
We, at CTMAX, continue to innovate by launching TeleMax, our online consultation service for patients planning to schedule future surgery with one of our doctors. While many pre-surgical consultations require an extensive examination and work-up prior to embarking on treatment, some do not. Many consultation visits often serve most to allow the doctor and patient to meet each other, review your medical history, discuss the indications for an up-and-coming treatment, assess collected imaging (x-rays) together, review the expectations from surgery and the anticipated convalescence as well as gain confidence in the office facility and staff that will be involved in your care.

Moreover, it is frequently a time when the costs associated with treatment are discussed, and a timeline required for completion is firmly established. While in most cases, we appreciate that the surgeon and the patient would prefer an in-person meeting, we understand that this is not always a practicality. We believe many of these presurgical items can be covered in a video conference online to the satisfaction of both the patient and the surgeon. Therefore, at CTMAX we have initiated a program to provide video consultations in certain instances where a comprehensive physical examination can be postponed to the actual operative visit.

In addition to providing a convenience for our patients this will also assist in maintaining today’s distancing protocols, make scheduling of surgical appointments more timely and allow for patients and family members that are separated to join in the conference together when their combined in-office presence is not possible.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about our TELEMAX telemedicine with video consultation program. While not all presurgical visits can be handled in this manner, we would be more than happy to assist you in determining whether your case is eligible for this program. This is often a covered expense by your insurance company.

A brief list of some presurgical consultations that can often be managed with an online video consultation include:

  • Simple dental extractions
  • Simple dental extractions with preservation grafting
  • Wisdom tooth or 3rd molar removal
  • Uncomplicated dental extractions planned for implant replacement
  • Adolescent and/or adult tooth exposure and direct bonding

Each TELEMAX appointment booked as an online meeting creates a unique televisit link that is sent to attendees via email (invites, confirmations and reminders) so you can join via a web browser, phone dial-in, or the Skype or Teams app.

How do I schedule my televisit?
Call 888.297.8880, Ext 212 and our Surgical Coordinator Kendra Dillon will be happy to assist you in scheduling your TELEMAX televisit.

How do I prepare for my televisit?
We believe that TeleMax is a simple and user friendly experience for you to have a “virtual consultation” with us, please use the button below to find some tricks and tips to assist you in preparing for your televisit.

Preparing for Your TeleMax Virtual Consultation

The consulting doctor reserves the right to require an in-person presurgical consultation before surgery. In addition, he/she may request an additional pre-surgical visit if deemed necessary following a videoconferencing experience. Lastly, the prerequisites of a successful videoconference may require current additional evaluation materials (x-rays, CT scanning, study casts, etc.) often provided by your primary care dentist or a different dental specialist.

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