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Changing the Face of Treatment and Improving Lives

We’re pleased to present a few short video testimonials that encapsulate the breadth of our services at CTMAX.

All the King’s Men…

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“I remember waking up and hearing the nurses talking about what had happened: broken nose, broken eye socket, broken jaw. I was broken in so many places that I sort of felt like Humpty Dumpty. You know, all the kings horses and all the kings men… well, all it took was one good doctor to put me back together again. I guess that what I learned is that things don’t have to stay broken forever.”

Captured on Canvas…

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“I met this guy. He’s a painter. He’s got these big blue eyes and soft gentle hands. When he asked if he could paint me, all I could think of was this huge mole on my left cheek. It didn’t seem to bother him at all, but I didn’t want a permanent record of it. So I saw a doctor, and he took care of it. Two minutes with a laser, and it was gone! The painter and I have been dating for seven months now, and I’m his favorite subject.”

Taming the Fear Within…

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“The thought of surgery has always scared me. You know, beeping machines and sterile rooms. When I developed my jaw condition, all those unpleasant images came rushing back. The night before my surgery, my doctor walked in with his five year old son. In about two minutes, I had forgotten about the machines and I couldn’t even hear the beeping. Maybe the doctor knew how much I liked kids. Or maybe he knew that there’s more to treatment than technology.”

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